Department of Public Health

The Department of Public Health of the Faculty of Applied Sciences request for the approval for a postgraduate program of MSc in Global Sanitation. The department followed the NVAO “Assessment framework for higher education accreditation system of the Netherlands, September 2016” in the outline of this request. The department clinging to a progressive verdict of institutional audit quality assurance, used the limited framework.

The University through its Public Health Department imagines a community in which the public manage their sanitation & hygiene and natural resources in a sustainable manner, where health for all is a priority regardless of race, status and geographical barriers, and that disease prevention through proper sanitation and hygiene management contribute to health promotion for all..

The mission of the university ‘inspire learners through relevant education, quality and innovative teaching, research and consultancy, and learning environment, and develop principled leaders who will transform society for the glory of God’, and in this respect with focus on sanitation and hygiene, contributing to economic and social development of the nation.