MSc Programme in Sanitation

The programme is hosted at Laws Campus in the Faculty of Applied Science, Department of Public Health. University of Livingstonia. In partnership with MZUNI and Polytechnic, University of Livingstonia (UNILIA), launches a new post Graduate programme in sciences, Masters of Science program in Sanitation. It is a unique, internationally recognized programme, designed for completion in 24 months. The state-of-art content was developed and delivered by the worlds leading experts from academia and practice. In this practice oriented programme you will gain an in-depth understanding of urban and peri-urban sanitation and develop the skills necessary to create impact. Skills development is embedded from the start through individual coaching and tailored guidance. Preparatory (e-learning) courses and entry assessments are included.

The individual thesis research will (31 ECTS), follows on completion of the taught program, although, in order to avoid a cold start and to guarantee sufficient time, students will be allowed be allocated a research topic and will start preparing for their individual research early on in the programme. To enable students, pass the entry exam, a set of preparatory e-learning courses and short courses are available for the those who may need to increase their knowledge in one or more subjects as pre-requisite for the program.

The following topics are part of the programme:

  • Introduction to Sanitation
  • Sanitation systems and services
  • Sanitation and Public Health
  • Analysis of sanitation flows
  • Sanitation Technology
  • Sanitation Governance
  • Sanitation Financing
  • Behaviour Change and Advocacy
  • Emergency Sanitation
  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • Teamwork Skills Development
  • Research Methods for Sanitation